For class 11 students a programe of more than 300 hours of comprehensive study and tests. Students in this program glide through the entrances and crack them due to the adaptabiity of the brain over 18 month period. These are weekend classes.

Glide24 : This is an amazing two year program for early students who know their target ,it is the program which helps them achieve a single digit all india rank.


(a)  It is designed for class 11 students

(b)  A comprehensive study for more than 300 hours.

(c)  Various levels of questions for different papers

(d)  Covers modules of test for evaluation n improvement

(e)  Includes fast track revision after the boards

(f)  Evalution report is provided to parents

(g)  Perfect for law /hm /bms entrances

(h)  Opportunity for the Prodigy batch (Exclusive After Screening)

(i)  Weekend Classes

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For class 12 students a program of more than 200 hours of comprehensive teaching n tests .students in this program cruise thrugh their preparations and entrances as they have practiced enough for these papers with the most expected questions.

Sail 12 : This is a specially designed program for class 12 or drop year students aspiring to crack the entrances with high ranks and want to land at the best indian universities in Delhi and India.


(a)  It is designed for class 12 entering and drop year students

(b)  Comprehensive study for more than 200 hours

(c)  Various levels of mcq are targeted after assessing the ability of the student

(d)  Regular evaluation tests are conducted

(e)  Improvement classes n discussions conducteds eperately

(f)  Evalation reports sent to parents

(g)  Perfect for Narsee monjee/symbiosis /iim /bca entrances

(h)  Opportunity for the PRODIGY BATCH (Exclusive After Screening)

(i)  Weekend Classes

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Statement of purposes are windows of your internal thought process;they need to be formed and written in the best possible manner as they show your areas of keen interest and of reasons for joining the universities.

Rush 50 is a 50 day program for those who wish to prepare for BMS LAW BCA BBA IIM NARSEE MONJEE entrances after class 12 boards

(a)  This is designed for students who have fire to reach the top universities but missed the bus of early preparation.

(b)  50 day program

(c)  Commences after the board papers

(d)  3 hour class everyday till the entrance

(e)  150 hour program with tests n evaluation

(f)  Morning n evening batches available

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